Minecraft news: Japanese schoolchildren had a graduation game, and Mattel presented new toys

  • March 24, 2020

For the millions of gamers who have suffered from the coronavirus, video games remain the only entertainment. Forced into strict quarantine, players have found salvation in their hobby.

Japanese schoolchildren, who went on a two-week vacation, decided to be creative.

Thus, a group of elementary school students in Japan decided that instead of the “real” graduation will spend it in Minecraft. One of the students’ parents told about it on Twitter, who was invited to a virtual holiday.

The ceremony was carefully prepared by the children, which impressed others.

Meanwhile, toy manufacturer Mattel decided to launch a new collection dedicated to Minecraft.

The novelties were presented during the toy fair, which was held in New York. Like Amiibo, the figures use NFC technology. However, they will not be compatible with any version of Minecraft, and are designed for Earth fans.

Boost Minis toy figurines give bonuses and rewards for Minecraft Earth, allowing you to raise the level. The cost of the toy will be $5.

The new series will go in the spring of 2020 and will include about 20 classic Minecraft characters.


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