Do you know the difference between figs and brevas?

  • January 25, 2020

If you are not sure, you can consult the new Gastronomic Dictionary (you have it in paper and online), to find the answer. I attended the presentation last week in Platea, at 5 Goya Street in Madrid (with Rafael Ansón presiding over the event, as president of the Ibero-American Association of Gastronomy – AIBG, and of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy – RAG), and as soon as I opened the book, I started looking for unknown terms. I found a lot, which put me in my place because I saw that I still have the strip to learn!

Returning to the subject of figs, the dictionary explains, for example, that “figs are the first fruit that the fig tree produces in spring”; that their taste “is more delicate and less sweet than that of figs”; that they “have laxative and digestive properties”, and that they “combine very well with salty, smoky, cheese, anchovy and sausage flavors”. I look up the entry for fig in the dictionary and read that “there are many varieties: fig molar, zafarí. doñigal, etc”. And he adds specifically: “Not to be confused with breva”. However, it does not say that figs are usually in season at the end of the summer, hence the phrase ‘from figs to brevas’, in other words, very rarely).


With imagination on my palate, I decided to buy some brevas to eat that day. Luckily, I found them at Platea’s own fruit shop (5 euros for half a kilo, a high price, but one that would provide me with 2 or 3 meals). When I got home, I prepared some brevas with a salad of three kinds of cheese, smoked salmon and a honey vinaigrette. Although it sounds complicated, it took me less than 15 minutes to make it. I washed and dried 2 leaves of oak lettuce, 4 cherry tomatoes, and 2 brevas. I crushed 1 tablespoon of cream cheese with another of goat cheese curl, half of the blue cheese, 1 dash of milk, salt and black pepper. I reserved that cream and made a vinaigrette with AOVE, apple vinegar, orange honey, salt, and pepper. I surrounded a plain dish with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. In the middle, I put the brevas in slices. I distributed the cream cheese and 40 gr. of chopped smoked salmon on top and seasoned everything with the vinaigrette with honey. It was a religious experience, but without sin, because I calculated that my dish would not reach 300 calories. And do you know how many have 100 grams of brevas? About 65. With about 75 calories, figs are not much better than them… and they’re also very high in fiber, which means they’re super-satiating.

Clarity against fakenews

With more than 7,000 terms (products, techniques, utensils and even business models), the new Gastronomy Dictionary has the support of the Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food and of Culture and Sport and of major references in the sector, such as Linkers, Makro and Hosteleo. Developed by LID-AIBG editorial, with contributions from 50 experts, the authors declare that “the project aims to ensure that the sector is not dominated by fake news, which only seek to generate traffic”. Well, we wish you all success, because we are in that very same fakenews!


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