• April 25, 2020

“After promising myself that I would start the diet in January, I postponed it to Reyes thinking about the roscón. Then I decided to get rid of the leftover nougat and sweets to avoid temptation… Anyway, it was my birthday and I went into the B side of the record and I thought: this is it!”

This is how Marta, a friend of Nococinomas.es, begins her story. She has already completed the first week of the Keto diet and has been kind enough to share her experience with us. This is the Diary of a diet, the Keto diet, without cooking or shopping list.

“Yes, this is as far as I go! So I weighed myself and, seeing Peppa Pig’s face on the scale, I considered several options…

a) Continue to dip cupcakes into Biomannan shakes

Keto Trim is a dietary supplement. According to the manufacturer, the capsules are helpful in losing weight, eliminating cravings, and also avoiding a yo-yo effect.


b) Return to a well-known chain of dieticians who prescribe pills for me. And, the truth is, I get bored cooking jack, horse and king. O…

c) Try something new.

So I read about an interesting diet called KETO and, as if by magic, I see on Facebook a page of a site that cooks it and brings it home to me. I don’t have to say that I jumped on the C!

No pills, no shopping and no eating my coconut thinking about what to cook. So I call, I order, and I don’t even wait for Monday. I’m gonna start it on Saturday!

The best thing is that when I talked to them they asked for my honest opinion of their diet. I promised to be honest and critical about what’s not good, even though looking at the website it looked like I was going to get fatter than thin.


Bacon and eggs for breakfast is amazing. It was very very good and very accomplished.

I have to say that I went out and got home at two o’clock in the afternoon as if such a thing. Without a pinch on the belly.

For lunch I had Roquefort sauce and a salad and I was the envy of my children. After that, “paper list”, until five thirty until I’ve had a coffee.

When dinner arrived, which I didn’t even feel like having, I felt heavy and full. Although I had tuna belly for dinner I left more than half, but I didn’t spare a piece of cheese and an ounce of chocolate, which is also included in the diet pack.


Honestly, I’m afraid I’m used to not eating breakfast. And having scrambled eggs and chorizo left me feeling full this morning. So I opted for a walk and a great. No hunger until lunchtime.

Today’s meal was chicken with vegetables and a salad. I loved it and tried a slice of keto bread, which didn’t taste like anything, but the idea of dipping soups in the sauce made me happy and I ate it. For dessert, I had a Greek yogurt with sugar that was a scandal.

I have to say that I feel full and I haven’t eaten anything at all, which is very rare for me, since I usually eat cookies or something sweet all the time.

For dinner I was expecting a moussaka. It’s a luxury and a very good one. And I say goodbye to the day with a glass of wine to celebrate that I’m doing well. Tomorrow I’ll weigh myself and tell you.


900 grams less!! I almost had a heart attack. This promises…

Eating scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast before work left me dead, but strong enough to face the day. Because of my work schedule, I moved my lunch up an hour and a half from the weekend. Today was eggplant stuffed with tuna, salad and yogurt.

In the middle of the afternoon I had a bit of a headache. I don’t know whether it’s from work or from eating early. So I had a little cheese and pepperoni and a little hand of the saint. Better than an ibuprofen 600, right?

For dinner, turkey breast with shrimp and mushroom sauce. A real treat! And I’m done with my ounce of chocolate.


Today I was thinking of skipping breakfast, but my husband encouraged me and warmed up the scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. It’s incredible not to feel like eating, I’ll take half! It’s very good, but too early for me. I arrived at the meal wanting to try the chicken chilindrón, without forgiving my salad and yogurt. Everything in sufficient quantity to be satisfied.

Besides, I didn’t have a headache today and I arrived at dinner without taking anything at all. It’s not because I’m trying to be brave, but because I feel full and satisfied. Last week I was snacking on half a pack of cookies or whatever I could find in the pantry. I’ll give you that.

Around nine o’clock I prepared my zucchini with meat and this time I did correct them with salt. I didn’t feel like anything else, although I didn’t take my walk today. I hope the scale won’t punish me tomorrow…


Today I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and tea again. It was raining and it reminded me of my London days.

The truth is that I feel lighter and in good spirits and I am looking forward to taking my tupperware to work! My buddies freak out about my meals and don’t believe it’s a diet. I heat, I open, I serve and I don’t share, of course.

A Pedro Ximénez sirloin steak with salad and yogurt was my lunch today to celebrate that it’s the middle of the week. I got home at six and had a coffee. With nothing at all, really good!

I just had dinner. It’s nine o’clock. A mushroom, pea and ham planter and a Netflix series in the living room with nothing to look forward to.


Even the “eggs” of so many eggs, but I’m going to fatten them up.

I feel lighter in my clothes, it’s not a drag…

Today I was pleasantly surprised by some stuffed peppers in Rioja sauce at lunch. And, for a change, my salad. I added cheese and turkey and finished it off with my white Greek yogurt. I didn’t need anything else until dinner.

When I got home, I went for a half hour walk (which was very cold) and that was it!

I end the day with a hake with ratatouille and a little bit of cheese. Everything is exquisite. (It’s not a ruckus.) These people aren’t going to give me a Thermomix, but they’re stewing in scandal… Now to the salon to see Manisfest on Antena 3, which I also recommend…


Today was my last day on the diet. I watched my snowfall with my last three tuppers and I was sad…

I celebrate it with eggs and bacon that when you heat and mix are great. And ready to end the week. On Fridays my buddies usually eat out and I don’t even envy them. I’ve got a veal à la jardiniere with salad and yoghurt. I’ve got a date with them and I’ve got a Coke Zero. Happy.

When I got home I celebrated the weekend with a good coffee with milk and arrived at dinner to conclude my diet with some green beans sautéed with ham. Of course I served myself some wine and a little bit of cheese. Good family movie and I have to weigh myself tomorrow!


My loss in one week with this diet has been 1 kilo 900 grams. I have almost lost 2 kilos in one week with the Keto diet.

I have to thank you and recommend it 100%. Repeat? A YES with CAPITAL LETTERS.

It has been like living in your mother’s house again with the plate ahead of you at lunchtime and without any worries. Anyway, when you look at the quality of the food I have eaten, and the offer they have is not to think about it.

Minecraft news: Japanese schoolchildren had a graduation game, and Mattel presented new toys

  • March 24, 2020

For the millions of gamers who have suffered from the coronavirus, video games remain the only entertainment. Forced into strict quarantine, players have found salvation in their hobby.

Japanese schoolchildren, who went on a two-week vacation, decided to be creative.

Thus, a group of elementary school students in Japan decided that instead of the “real” graduation will spend it in Minecraft. One of the students’ parents told about it on Twitter, who was invited to a virtual holiday.

The ceremony was carefully prepared by the children, which impressed others.

Meanwhile, toy manufacturer Mattel decided to launch a new collection dedicated to Minecraft.

The novelties were presented during the toy fair, which was held in New York. Like Amiibo, the figures use NFC technology. However, they will not be compatible with any version of Minecraft, and are designed for Earth fans.

Boost Minis toy figurines give bonuses and rewards for Minecraft Earth, allowing you to raise the level. The cost of the toy will be $5.

The new series will go in the spring of 2020 and will include about 20 classic Minecraft characters.

Hemorrhoid Treatment

  • February 2, 2020

The anus is the exit sphincter of the digestive tract. It is made up of two circular muscles (the anal sphincters), one autonomous and the other voluntary, which controls bowel movements.

Inside and through the muscles is a network of veins, the hemorrhoidal plexus.

health food

These veins can dilate if there is an increase in abdominal pressure or if feces accumulate in the rectum (constipation). If this increase in pressure is temporary, the veins will return to their original shape once the cause has been resolved. However, if the increase in pressure is repeated and frequent, or prolonged, venaprobuy net the veins end up dilating and deforming, projecting into the anal canal, giving rise to hemorrhoids.

While their size is small they can go unnoticed, without significant symptoms. However, as they increase in size their presence and effects are increasingly noticeable.

The main symptoms they can produce are:

  • Bleeding: in the form of red blood, usually in small amounts staining the stool or toilet paper.
  • Pain: especially during anal dilatation for the passing of the stool. This pain can be sharp and intense during defecation or sordid, deep and continuous.
  • Venous prolapse: the dilated veins “come out” through the anus, being visible. It is not essential for the hemorrhoids to be visible for the rest of the symptoms to occur.
  • Continuous, very violent pruritus (itching).
  • Rectal tenderness: the permanent sensation of needing to defecate.

The symptoms associated with hemorrhoids make the evacuation of feces (bowel movement) particularly uncomfortable, so we try to avoid them. This favors constipation, which is the main factor causing hemorrhoids, thus closing a vicious circle that increasingly complicates the picture. Hence the importance of trying to avoid constipation during pregnancy in order to reduce the appearance of hemorrhoids or limit their severity.

In pregnancy, especially in the final months, the continuous pressure of the dilated uterus on the rectum and anus contributes to increasing the pressure and, consequently, the development of hemorrhoids.

In childbirth, expulsion efforts (pushing) represent episodes of a very important increase in abdominal pressure that make the hemorrhoids dilate very significantly and are very evident.

  • In cases with mild symptoms:
  • Increase of fiber in the diet (legumes, cereals, nuts, fruits, and vegetables), always associated with an increase in the number of liquids, to obtain a soft stool that does not irritate the anal mucosa.
  • In some cases, fiber supplements may be indicated.
  • In initial phases of treatment, the use of a laxative may be associated (taking care not to produce diarrhea that may worsen the symptoms).
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and spicy foods.
  • Spending long periods of time in the toilet to defecate also favors the congestion of hemorrhoids and their subsequent bleeding, which should be avoided.
  • Warm water sitz baths lasting a few minutes can also be beneficial.
  • The use of anti-haemorrhoidal creams or ointments may be initially indicated, although it must be taken into account that many of them have compounds (corticoids, topical anesthetics,…) that can cause side effects, so they should only be used for a few days and always under the supervision of a doctor.
  • There are also medicines that can improve the microcirculation of the area and reduce inflammation, and they can be useful.

Do you know the difference between figs and brevas?

  • January 25, 2020

If you are not sure, you can consult the new Gastronomic Dictionary (you have it in paper and online), to find the answer. I attended the presentation last week in Platea, at 5 Goya Street in Madrid (with Rafael Ansón presiding over the event, as president of the Ibero-American Association of Gastronomy – AIBG, and of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy – RAG), and as soon as I opened the book, I started looking for unknown terms. I found a lot, which put me in my place because I saw that I still have the strip to learn!

Returning to the subject of figs, the dictionary explains, for example, that “figs are the first fruit that the fig tree produces in spring”; that their taste “is more delicate and less sweet than that of figs”; that they “have laxative and digestive properties”, and that they “combine very well with salty, smoky, cheese, anchovy and sausage flavors”. I look up the entry for fig in the dictionary and read that “there are many varieties: fig molar, zafarí. doñigal, etc”. And he adds specifically: “Not to be confused with breva”. However, it does not say that figs are usually in season at the end of the summer, hence the phrase ‘from figs to brevas’, in other words, very rarely).


With imagination on my palate, I decided to buy some brevas to eat that day. Luckily, I found them at Platea’s own fruit shop (5 euros for half a kilo, a high price, but one that would provide me with 2 or 3 meals). When I got home, I prepared some brevas with a salad of three kinds of cheese, smoked salmon and a honey vinaigrette. Although it sounds complicated, it took me less than 15 minutes to make it. I washed and dried 2 leaves of oak lettuce, 4 cherry tomatoes, and 2 brevas. I crushed 1 tablespoon of cream cheese with another of goat cheese curl, half of the blue cheese, 1 dash of milk, salt and black pepper. I reserved that cream and made a vinaigrette with AOVE, apple vinegar, orange honey, salt, and pepper. I surrounded a plain dish with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. In the middle, I put the brevas in slices. I distributed the cream cheese and 40 gr. of chopped smoked salmon on top and seasoned everything with the vinaigrette with honey. It was a religious experience, but without sin, because I calculated that my dish would not reach 300 calories. And do you know how many have 100 grams of brevas? About 65. With about 75 calories, figs are not much better than them… and they’re also very high in fiber, which means they’re super-satiating.

Clarity against fakenews

With more than 7,000 terms (products, techniques, utensils and even business models), the new Gastronomy Dictionary has the support of the Ministries of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food and of Culture and Sport and of major references in the sector, such as Linkers, Makro and Hosteleo. Developed by LID-AIBG editorial, with contributions from 50 experts, the authors declare that “the project aims to ensure that the sector is not dominated by fake news, which only seek to generate traffic”. Well, we wish you all success, because we are in that very same fakenews!